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15 Photos That Prove Random Acts of Kindness Never Go Out of Fashion

In the whirlpool of modern life, it might be hard to find time to do or even see something kind. However, if you look closer and become a little more attentive, you may see some random acts of kindness, like in your neighborhood, the supermarket, or on the street.

We at Bright Side try to be kind to others and do as many good things as possible. That’s why we admire those who do the same!

This priest shelters stray dogs then brings them to church so they can be adopted by attendees.

A police officer in North Carolina spent his lunch break sharing pizza with a homeless woman.

“John Cena paid for my uncle’s groceries!”

“I adopted this rescue kitty today to help make both our lives better.”

Someone left behind a couple of coins for buying a treat from a vending machine.

Many people stayed without electricity supply after Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast. These people let others charge their phones to tell their loved ones that they were safe.

“I found Mick in my garage 3 months ago before taking him in. He’s come a long way.”

A subway in Melbourne, Australia offers weekly free meals for the homeless.

“I was having a pretty awful day until a random stranger drove by and gave me this. I’m going to buy a stranger some coffee tomorrow.”

We don’t know you Willie, but you’re a bro!

“My city may be kind of gnarly and poverty-stricken, but we do try to take care of each other.”

“This was the most beautiful thing I saw today.”

“After saying I haven’t been able to find eggs in weeks, my co-worker went to her trunk and grabbed a carton to give me!”

“Had my 3-year-old pick out carts to put these on. Pass on acts of random kindness.”

A Wendy’s employee using an outdoor table umbrella to walk an elderly customer to their car

What was the last act of kindness you saw or performed? Please share your story with us in the comments!

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