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15 Photos You Won’t Find Inside Encyclopedias

Sometimes just reading information using books and encyclopedias is so boring... Bright and unusual pictures can speak louder than words and tell us even more about the amazing and extraordinary things happening in the world. For example, a tulip that has a leaf that turns into a petal, the bright attire of Ghanaian newlyweds, or ketchup flavored ice cream.

Bright Side gathered 15 photos that will show our world from a different angle. These pictures are like an exciting series, so get your popcorn and let's get started.

Elysia chlorotica, a sea slug that can photosynthesize

A bag that looks like a cartoon

"This tulip has a leaf that has half morphed into a petal."

Handmade ghost ship

"These Hello Kitty construction barriers in Tokyo"

"The reflection of my make-up bag looks like a nebula."

"This 100-year-old brick has finger marks in it from its creator."

"My black cat is changing color."

Ghanaian wedding

A Trojan horse made entirely of computer parts

"The way these leaves change their color"

A manhole cover in Germany

"This hotel was an old prison."

Ketchup ice cream actually exists!

"Moved a pot and found this weed’s root system."

Which of these photos impressed you the most? Tell us in the comments.

Preview photo credit Darqseyd / reddit
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