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15+ Tender Pics That Can Fill Your Heart With Love

There’s a common psychological trick that can make you happier. It’s called “stopping to smell the roses.” With this trick, scientists advise us to stop hurrying and take the time to appreciate meaningful things and people in our life. And today’s article is meant to help you run away from your daily hustle and enjoy the vast spectrum of warm emotions.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve collected 19 photos, and each of them may inspire you to think about little but priceless things you have. Let’s dive into the world of real emotions together.

1. “My 92-year-old grandpa making a birthday card for my 93-year-old grandma!”

2. “He is hugging his mom after being lost for 5 hours.”

3. “Mom visits Dad in the hospital. Who gets the bed?”

4. “My mom found out she was a match and gave me a kidney, saving my life. There is no greater hero in my eyes.”

5. “I don’t know how she deals with him. This is a daily thing.”

6. “The hospital in which my grandma is living her last few days allowed us to bring her cat in to visit her.”

7. “Now that my wife is pregnant, he has to go around the bump.”

8. “My Dad died before my nineteenth birthday and he had already written my card because he knew he wouldn’t be here to give it to me.”

9. “My wife is a vet tech. She just sent me this from work. Apparently the cat and the squirrel are best friends.”

10. “We were worried our 17-lb cat would be unhappy about us rescuing a dog from the local shelter.”

11. “My mom is in the hospital and my dad hasn’t left her side. Today they moved into the same room.”

12. “This adorableness is my 6’4” boyfriend hugging my 4-foot-who-knows-what grandma."

13. “My grandpa only had a few weeks left to live. I just hope I have this much love after I’ve lived so long.”

14. “20 years together since the eighth grade, then and now!”

15. “12 years of being goofy together — Happy Birthday, Goldie!”

16. “My rescued best friend”

17. “My brother and his best friend finishing their first 5K like a couple of bosses.”

18. “My grandma was the coolest!”

19. “I’ve been a father for 72 hours and I’ve learned some lessons for brand new dads.”

Who is the person that you are thankful for being in your life? Tag them in the comments below!

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