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15 Things We Don’t See Every Day That Actually Exist

Psychology tells us that the world changes quickly because human connections are now stronger and better. We wouldn’t be acting like we live under a rock because we got the best of human communication amplified by the internet. We learn a lot of things, even over the course of a day, because a stranger online decided to share a random fact that we somehow didn’t know of before.

1. Anti-snoring mouthpieces

We always think of snoring as part of our regular slumber, but it’s a mild sleep apnea symptom. Sleep apnea affects our breathing in the middle of our sleep, when it worsens. That’s why devices like mouth guards are used by people prone to snoring when they catch their Zs.

However, there is a more traditional and effective way to cure loud snoring — seeing a dental technician and getting fitted for an oral appliance.

2. Umbrellas with to-go coffee holders


Getting through the morning with your steaming cup of coffee in hand will be no sweat if you already have a coffee-loving umbrella with a built-in cup holder around its handle. Originally designed by Jung-Woo Lee of Ek Design, this device will always be there through rain or shine, taking good care of your morning caffeine.

3. Book vending machines

Vending machines offer limitless options. From chocolate bars to fresh pizza, they never fail to provide instant goodies on the go. However, bibliophiles might want to check if a book vending machine is just waiting around a corner, especially near public libraries and schools, to avoid the lines in bookstores.

4. Pre-sliced sticks of butter

If you’re a stickler for your diet, this one might be perfect for your daily calorie and carb watch. Pre-sliced butter might be the best thing since sliced bread, and it actually comes in a single cardboard box and not in individual plastic wrap.

5. Hidden car vacuum cleaners

Crumbs, dust, and spills in your car can be annoying and, most of the time, tedious to deal with. Fortunately, some cars already have built-in vacuum cleaners that suck all that debris right up.

6. Honesty stores

Some shopkeepers genuinely believe that people are naturally good and make it clear that honesty is the policy in their business. That’s why “honesty stores” aim to sell their products without cashiers or shopkeepers. Customers will need to drop their money in a jar or box and get their desired item without the typical scanning and bagging.

7. LED touchscreen coolers

Smart tech has established itself as a valuable friend of grocery shopping. And now, convenience stores and retail shops have switched from traditional glass doors to “cooler screens,” which show the available chilled items inside, among other advertisements.

8. Purple honey

Exclusively from North Carolina, honeybees produce a different hue of raw honey. These bees feed on purple Kudzu flowers that smell like grape juice, giving the honey a purple tint and a grape-like fragrance.

9. Zebra-donkey hybrids

John Daniels / / Ardea Picture Library / East News

One might be surprised and even laugh at the “dronkey” children in Shrek 2, but it’s not the only donkey hybrid known to man. A Zedonk or Zonkey is quite a unique combination of a donkey and zebra that looks like it’s straight from a storybook.

10. A tropical dog island

This true-to-life coastal wonder may have inspired Isle of Dogs as potcakes, or mixed-breed canines, live harmoniously on a little bay in the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean. What’s even better than cuddling with the pups is the chance to adopt them and give them a forever home.

11. Tattoos that switch color and design as your body changes

They might seem straight from a sci-fi movie, but biosensors are being studied on human skin. Color-changing or design-altering tattoos can help detect a person’s metabolism and overall health levels and aid medical practitioners by alerting them to any sign of unhealthy activity.

12. Emergency baby vests

Saving lives is the top priority of hospitals around the world, and this is especially true for little bundles of joy. In case of emergencies, nurseries provide emergency bag-like vests with pockets for attending nurses to carry babies away from harm quickly and efficiently.

13. Waves of glass-like shards

Kalamazoo Gazette / Associated Press / East News

Some might think that ice straight up melts on top of the water surface when winter passes and springtime begins. But sometimes, ice cracks and waves push them against each other, forming glass-like shards of ice.

14. Parks with wireless chargers

Gone are the days of bringing your charging cables to public places or enduring the extra weight of a powerbank. Parks, malls, and recreational activity centers have been moving to wireless charging for quite some time.

15. Glow-in-the-dark highways

Forget about glow-in-the-dark stickers on your childhood bedroom walls. Adults had found a way to bring this luminous creation onto roads. Glow-in-the-dark highways are sustainable alternatives to roadside LED lights and electric streetlamps.

What things from our list surprised you the most? What random thing have you learned online recently?

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