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16 Findings People Couldn’t Believe They Were Lucky Enough to Discover

The world was absolutely shaken when the Titanic sunk in 1912, and the incident has been immortalized due to the famous movie. And that’s why anything connected to this day attracts people’s attention, such is the case with the watch that was retrieved after the Titanic sunk, with its time stopped right at the moment the ship was engulfed by the sea.

Bright Side dug up 16 photos that show how unexpected life can be and why we should always keep our eyes open to see what’s hidden around us.

1. A pocket watch retrieved from the Titanic that had stopped 8 minutes after the ship went down on April 15, 1912, at 2:20 a.m.

2. “My nana has been using the same deck of cards for 10 years and they’ve all grooved to her hand placement during shuffling.”

3. “An outdoor sculpture at the Museum Moderner Kunst (MuMoK) in Vienna”

4. “This snake’s scales form a happy face.”

5. “An elderly customer came in today with a McDonald’s VIP card.”

6. “A 1964 tick-tock clock that’s been played with by my father, me, and now my daughter!”

7. “All the trees of this kind on my street do this at the beginning of fall.”

8. “I bought this book at Goodwill recently and found a receipt inside from 1981.”

9. “A squirrel found an entire cookie outside a dining hall on campus.”

10. “A local newspaper from the day after the Titanic sank”

11. “A tiny brick flat in London”

12. “I think I saw a shooting star/meteor.”

13. “My hotel’s sun canopy is connected to a wind meter, which automatically causes it to retract when the wind speed becomes too high.”

14. “My husband’s grandfather’s credit cards from 1955 — they’re paper.”

15. “This poem, entitled ‘A Dude’ from the year 1886”

16. “This Japanese cup reveals a photo of a woman when you add liquid.”

Isn’t it wonderful how a simple walk at the park or a stop at a thrift store can open a whole new dimension for us? If you’ve ever made any unexpected discoveries, please share them with us.

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