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16 Pictures That Prove Why Perspective Is Key

Just by looking outside your window or walking out to throw out the garbage, you get to see thousands of different things. We don’t always concentrate on the things we are used to seeing every day, though. But sometimes your eyes perceive something in an unusual way based on your perspective.

Bright Side feels like we need to stop for a second and stare in order to fully grasp what’s going on in these 16 pictures.

1. The cat is doing some parkour.

2. “That T-shirt is flying, right?”

3. “The sun is a lightbulb.”

4. “A big fish, a big man, and 2 wee little legs”

5. “This is not a room, turn your phone 90° to the left.”

6. “A building floating in the ocean”

7. “The shadow of the power line on my car makes it look like I had a fender bender.”

8. “Hovercat mode is still in beta testing.”

9. 2-headed dog

10. “Palm Springs giant, 1976”

11. “Basset hound-man and his hound”

12. “Walking beneath a construction worker today in NYC”

13. “Waste pipe from...the cream cheese factory?”

14. “I present: my grandma’s bathroom.”

15. “My raw chicken”

16. “Toasted cashew nuts up close look like beach stones.”

Which one of the pictures above confused you the most and took you a while to figure out what was happening?

Preview photo credit look4alec / reddit
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