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17 Designers Who Value Creativity Over Functionality

Have you ever come across a situation where you got really confused, asking yourself, “How is this supposed to work properly?” It can happen because of a designer’s lack of attention to detail, or because of an excess of creativity. But if you have been through this before, you know the feeling of being let down by something that is supposed to make your life easier, or at least not to make it harder (or even impossible).

Thanks to the designers that were out of their minds during their creation process, we are here at Bright Side to show you that these mistakes don’t have to be just unnerving and frustrating, they can also make you laugh — especially if it’s not happening to you.

1. These 2022 glasses

2. “Who needs privacy, right?”

3. “Such a private place.”

4. It’s impossible to get to some of these books!

5. “It’s not like I wanted to plug in the USB?”

6. “How am I supposed to get to my floor?”

7. “We had to stop... We kept mixing up our pieces.”

8. I don’t know if this house is very secure or very dangerous.

9. “Please, I just need some fresh air!”

10. Logo for “Old Town North”

11. “I am dre, aiming of a white Christmas.”

12. Rubber duckies that float upside down

13. Toilet paper dispenser

14. “I dino dinos.”

15. “I’ve stared at this for an hour trying to figure out what I’m missing.”

16. “I love PaAis”

17. “New parking spots!”

What would you do to overcome these design flaws? Would you start over from scratch or make some minor adjustments? Tell us about it, we would love to hear your solutions!

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