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17 People Who Accidentally Matched Their Surroundings Perfectly

We all choose our clothing differently - some people put on the first thing they pull from the closet, while others try on different outfits for hours. Either way, sometimes an outfit can exceed our wildest expectations.

Bright Side has gathered 17 photos of people that as luck would have it, turned out to be true masters of disguise.

"I searched for my brother for 20 minutes."

That awkward moment when you match the school bathroom:

"This couch print reminds me of something..."

"Where can I find a matching dress?"

You never know when a perfect match can happen.

For example, sometimes sitting on the bus can be on trend.

Who knew this hotel would be so fashionable?

The designers of these socks didn't try very hard.

This grandma loves this carpet. We wonder why...

"Blend in with my surroundings? Mission accomplished."

When you and the surrounding world make a perfect color match.

Stripes are always a good choice, aren't they?

Well, yes... and then again, no.

Where's your owner, little dog?

When your love for leopard print backfires:

"Hide-and-seek? Let me lay down here."

Level of disguise: a very promising beginner

Has something like this ever happened to you? Share your photos with us in the comments.

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