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17 People Who Didn’t Expect to Face the Things They Saw in Public Places

Even experienced travelers, the fans of popular restaurants, and regular users of public transport can be surprised with an extraordinary interior on a mini-bus, a cool design of a cafe, or an original way of serving a dish. Though we visit public places every day, still they can give us an emotional boost that might leave us speechless.

We at Bright Side are thankful to every internet user who was not lazy to tell about new non-standard places no matter whether the latter amused or disappointed them.

“2 of us decided to play a game on board. There was a chat and we thought that only we could see it.”

“Turned out, it’s a common chat for almost 500 people.”

The restaurant bathroom has hand soap for before you eat and after you eat.

“It seems, I have chosen the best day to have a ride on a mini bus.”

“A tree of beignets for my boyfriend’s birthday. Why?”

A chopstick shop — a Japanese version of Ollivander’s store with magic wands.

“BBQ sliders on a Brick. One of the worst servings I’ve seen.”

“Had a guy bring an opossum into the pawnshop where I work today.”

“This post office has a helpful size guide if you want to buy a box.”

“The benches at my local library are books.”

“Compliment from the restaurant to my € 250 order.”

“My local grocery store has a display space that looks like a truck broke through the wall.”

“This little finger greaser in the grocery store to help you open plastic bags.”

“The pet hotel we used makes a journal of your pet’s stay to give to you when you pick them up.”

The lights at this sports bar

“Eating ’dinosaurs’ was the brightest event during my weekend.”

When the seating doesn’t suffice.

“My hotel pool has an entrance ramp for disabled people.”

What unusual things have you seen in public places?

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