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17 Things That Lose Their Ordinary Look Under Ultraviolet Light

Although human eyes can distinguish thousands of colors and shades, there are some things that we still can’t see like ultraviolet light. But some people are actually able to see it, like if they got their lens removed for some reason, for example.

We at Bright Side figured out how ordinary things look under ultraviolet light. But be careful, these photos may cause a burning desire to thoroughly clean your house right away!

1. It turns out that some veneers and teeth crowns don’t glow under UV light.

2. The spots that appear on bananas when they become overripe glow blue under UV light.

3. Ultraviolet light can reveal “dirty” secrets, even in the cleanest kitchen.

4. Here, you can see why sunscreen is so good for your skin.

5. This is a picture of an eye of a butterfly shot in macro mode.

6. The bones of chameleons can glow through their skin under UV light.

7. Yellow peppers turn into bright pink ones under UV light.

8. Just look at all these colors in a macro photo of a scorpion!

9. These barely-visible hairs on the leaves glow in UV light.

10. A Canadian passport in UV light looks like a real masterpiece.

11. UV light reveals a dove on a Visa bank card.

12. Wings of owls, puffins, and other birds glow under UV light.

13. Zoanthus corals under UV light

14. “My grandparents own a set of glassware from 1911 that’s made with uranium. When exposed to UV light, it glows green.”

15. Due to its luminescent properties, ordinary salt has a cosmic look in this photo.

16. Tonic water glows in UV light thanks to quinine that’s obtained from the Cinchona tree.

17. Caterpillars exposed to UV light can charm even those who can’t stand these little creatures.

Would you dare to look at your own kitchen under UV light? How clean do you think it would be?

Preview photo credit jrh079 / Reddit
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