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17 Things That You’d Never Expect to See for Real

We all pass by hundreds of people, sights, and sounds every day. Most of us are so busy with our work and reaching our destination, that we often forget to notice the journey. Thankfully, some of us are blessed with a keener eye. These Redditors were able to capture something out of the ordinary with their cameras and spread the joy via the internet.

Bright Side marveled at these sights of creatures and things so different and unexpected, they took our breath away.

1. “This wooden chain my grandpa carved.”

2. “These sea snails are holding each other up.”

3. “I made a ball out of binder clips.”

4. “This tree with books carved in its trunk.”

5. “We found a fairly large rug at an antique store today.”

6. “I made a lion out of ketchup.”

7. “This duck has a flying duck on it.”

8. “These hammocks are made from seatbelts.”

9. “This Rick and Morty house in Brighton, England”

10. “Frying pan made from a penny”

11. “This tree trunk chair I found in Kendall, England.”

12. “Large barnacle found on Cannon Beach, Oregon”

13. “This house has flowers for a front lawn.”

14. “Refilled the soap dispenser with clear soap, apparently more dense than the previous soap.”

15. “Salt & Pepper chess”

16. “My city’s commissioner looks like Morgan Freeman.”

17. “This is what an axolotl looks like if it morphs. We call him Gollum.”

What is the most surprising thing you came across in the last few days? What was it that held your attention about it?

Preview photo credit CollieflowersBark / Reddit
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