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18 Objects That Unexpectedly Showed Their Real Face

How often do you notice that, when looking at landscapes, food, or any other object in the city, a human face suddenly appears? Or maybe an animal shape emerges. If your answer was “really often,” don’t worry there’s nothing wrong with this! In fact, this is such a common thing for people to experience, that it even has a name. Pareidolia is when you see known shapes or figures in the inanimate objects you’re looking at.

We, at Bright Side, love these kinds of wacky visual effects. So we found pictures that users posted online that captured these illusions, to prove that they were not the only ones experiencing this phenomenon. And at the end of the article, we prepared a bonus. We would like to know if you’re also able to see the illusion in each of the pictures there. Let’s get started!

1. “Cracked an egg and it became a rooster in the pan.”

2. “I’ll take the strongest coffee you’ve got...”

3. “Not sure if my burger is disrespecting or provoking me.”

4. “The oil in my pan made a smiley face.”

5. “This popcorn that looks like a fish”

6. “This ghost that appeared in my coffee”

7. " My chicken strip from a delivery order looks like an elephant."

8. “Agate cookie monster!”

9. “My grass compost pile looks like a grass-covered gorilla.”

10. “This leaf looks like the Mona Lisa.”

11. This is a real clef hanger.

12. This piece of wood seems to be a little upset.

13. That’s a huge lizard.

14. “I know that’s really a cicada, but come on... he has a lion or a tiger or some big cat on his back.”

15. “Cracking a smile”

16. “Piano shadow”

17. “Turned the light on and noticed someone watching me.”

18. “That creep is taking our photo...”


Am I the only one here that’s looking at a puppy?

“The Cotton Ball tree is not real, it can’t hurt you! Cotton Ball tree be like:”

2 people? Look closely.

Do you see a monster trying to eat the moon?

So, did you see the same things that we did in these pictures? Which one caught your attention and why? Does this phenomenon happen to you too? If you have any pictures, we’d be glad to take a look at them. Post them in the comment section along with a caption!

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