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18 People Who Found a Surprise in Their New House

Buying a house or apartment is a really responsible life step. Every buyer wants to make sure they know all about possible defects in advance, but it doesn’t always happen that way. Sometimes new buyers find surprises left by the previous owners, both pleasant and not so pleasant.

At Bright Side, we enjoyed looking through 18 photos of people who just moved into a new house and discovered something really unexpected.

1. “My mom is a realtor. She went to show an empty house and found that the previous owners had left something behind. After checking with the listing agent and finding out that the person who had loved her was deceased, she went back and brought her home.”

2. “I just bought my first house, didn’t test the taps when I was viewing it of course. All the taps in the house do this.”

3. “We recently bought a house and the previous owners left us a huge book collection. I want to keep some, but have no idea what to choose.”

4. “This is our new house. The previous owners left this behind the basement bathroom curtain!”

5. “The previous owners of our house had a hole cut in the basement door for cats. Our dog Bernard makes use of it daily. His tail is always a good sign as to whether someone is coming up the stairs.”

6. “The previous owners of our house left behind flowerbeds full of mulch and a bunch of unused pavers, so we covered up the side of the house that was all dirt and always muddy.”

7. “The house I’m staying in kept its original well as a feature...”

8. “I found a newspaper in the crawlspace of our new house today, dated October 2, 1902.”

9. “I found a paw print on the brick wall of our house.”

10. “I just bought a house. The previous owner left a safe in the house and told us she doesn’t care. Any tips on how to open it?”

11. “My parents moved into a new house, this was left on the lid of this toilet by the previous owners.”

12. “Previous owners of my house covered a gap in the floorboards by nailing down flattened food tins.”

13. “This was found beneath our floorboards from the previous owners in 1961.”

14. “I just moved into a new apartment, and made a big discovery. There is a door in the floor that leads to a secret dungeon. There is a proper 19th century layout of corridors and hatches beneath.”

15. “My apartment is an old police station and still has the original cell doors but painted.”

16. “A friend of mine bought a house, in her backyard there’s a ‘chapel’ which was bought in Malta by the previous owner.”

17. “Why just screw or nail wood to a wall when you can use construction glue? Gifts from the previous owner.”

18. “I found a hiding spot under the sink. There was some real treasure too — old coins and 2 rings.”

What surprises have you found in newly bought or rented homes? Share your findings in the comments below.

Preview photo credit MyFriendMatt / reddit
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