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18 People Who Have a Knack for Design That Makes the World a Little Brighter

Without designers, this world definitely would not be as fun. They take care not just of your comfort but also your style. Even a simple bench on the street can double its versatility and become much more helpful by adding one simple detail.

We at Bright Side rounded up 18 creative items to inspire you and we want to share them with you today.

1. “Homeless-friendly architecture is the best.”

2. “Keyboard with cheese-styled keycaps”

3. “This watch from the ’80s”

4. “Velour bust of David”

5. “This refrigerator has rotating shelves.”

6. “There are bins along cycle paths in the Netherlands that allow you to throw out trash without slowing down.”

7. “This park bench can fold out into a table. All park bench designers can stop what they’re doing, we’ve reached elite-park-bench-status.”


9. “The door handle in this pen shop is a pen.”

10. “This watermelon bike I saw in Florence a few years ago.”

11. “This phone case”

12. “Park bench with a solar powered USB charger”

13. “These vents are painted to look like snails!”

14. “Some of the benches around the lakes in Copenhagen have been elevated by 1 meter in order to raise awareness regarding rising sea levels.”

15. “This floor is made of real comics.”

16. “This chair turns into a step ladder.”

17. The art of bathroom

18. “This library wall where you can very literally grab a seat.”

Which design did you like the most? What is the most creative thing in your home?

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