18 Pics That Show What Happens When the Handyman Wakes Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed

Some jobs related to construction or repair seem like the easiest things to do. However, the final result doesn’t always seem to live up to what was expected as a result. The most surprising thing is that there are people who only had to do one very simple task, which they were given clear instructions on how to fulfill, and they still decided to finish it without testing or measuring properly. Clearly, they managed to create complete chaos wherever they went...

Bright Side created a collection of folks who had only one job to do, but who woke up on the wrong side of the bed that day.

1. “Somewhere in Australia maybe”

2. “At my inspection today on a brand new build, either the electrician or the tile guy thought to themselves, ’Yep, that’ll work.’”

3. “Finished the lines Boss!”

4. Okay, how do I get out of here?

5. “This construction at my doctor’s office”

6. “Nothing a little duct tape can’t fix...”

7. — Boss, the lid doesn’t fit! What should we do?

- I don’t think anyone’s paying attention to that detail! Leave it like that!

8. When your welding work leaves a lot to the imagination:

9. How an air conditioner was installed somewhere in the world

10. “Good job, now we are safe.”

11. Missing a part of the handrail? Not a problem!

12. Okay, does anyone know how I can get down the emergency stairs?

13. From today on, we all have to cross the street like this.

14. I was asked to install the electrical box, but they didn’t specify where.

15. “Properly installed drains”

16. “This panel in my school gym”

17. “Somebody ’fixed’ the roof like this.”

18. “I fixed it, boss. Can I go now?”

What poorly repaired item do you remember seeing in your town or community? What was your experience like when a repair specialist came to your home?

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