19 Naive People Who Thought Cutting Their Own Hair Wouldn’t Be That Hard

You’ve probably been in a situation where you wanted to change your style but didn’t have enough patience to wait for a hairdresser to do their magic. This is exactly how the people from our compilation felt. They decided to rely on their relatives to help them make a change and some even decided to cut their hair themselves. And while not everything went according to plan, they didn’t fall into despair and managed to take a couple of pictures to remember the moment.

Bright Side is delighted with people who aren’t too hard on themselves when it comes to experiments with their style, especially when they also find the strength to laugh at their mistakes.

1. “I’ve recently decided to change my style and now I’m curious — have I made a horrible mistake? Should I just throw in some box braids and grow this out?”

2. “I was already finishing cutting my hair with a hair trimmer and I didn’t notice that the nozzle had broken. Now my hairstyle looks like this. I call it ’the zebra.’”

3. “Although my cousin is a plumber and not a hairdresser, I let her give me a haircut. Now I look like Tina from Bob’s Burgers.”

4. “I asked my wife to give me an Oliver Tree haircut.”

5. “I got a new curling iron that for sure ’wouldn’t cause any problems.’”

6. “I decided that now is the perfect time to do something I’ll regret.”

7. “What could go wrong if I try to cut my own hair without watching a hair trimmer tutorial first?”

8. “I gave myself a perm. I hope my hair won’t look too dry and disheveled after I wash and style it.”

9. “This is what boredom and overconfidence can lead to.”

10. “I’ve bleached my hair twice in a span of the last 3 months, and my curls have disappeared.”

11. “The lesson that I learned today is never let your family give you a haircut. It was so bad, I had to shave my head.”

12. “It was the first time I used rollers. This was a terrible mistake.”

13. “My husband and I decided to give our son a haircut ourselves. But with every click of the scissors, his hairstyle only became worse. Luckily, our son is too young to care about it.”

14. “I tried to give myself a haircut but the nozzle was poorly fixed. Luckily, the hair on top of my head is long enough to cover up this mess.”

15. “Once, I, an adult woman, decided that cutting my own bangs while being a bit tipsy was a great idea. I was ashamed to walk on the street. It was a hard time.”

16. “I asked my mom to give me a haircut. Thank you, Mom.”

17. “I tried dying my hair purple myself. It was a comedy of errors. I didn’t buy enough hair dye and got myself covered in it.”

18. “I let my brother cut my hair. Not only did he shave too much hair off the sides of my head, but he also dropped the razor and completely removed the hair from the top of my head.”

19. “I let my mom cut my bangs. I wanted them to be slightly above the brows. Luckily, it has already grown back a bit, but it was a real tragedy for me.”

Tell us, what experiments with your appearance do you regret the most?

Preview photo credit smol_pink_cute / Reddit
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