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19 People Who Proved Luck Can Be Just Around the Corner

A girl who lost her wedding ring and then found it in some deodorant, a man who met a celebrity on the street, and a person who found a resting baby deer in their yard — these are only a few things that happened to the heroes of our article, ordinary people who got the chance to win small life lotteries when they were busy going about their everyday lives.

Here at Bright Side, we’re fans of big and little wonders that happen in people’s lives. We’d love for you to take a look at 19 daredevils and maybe get your charge for a lucky day.

1. “For a month, I thought I lost my wedding ring. Finally, we realized it was under my husband’s deodorant!”

2. “I found him!”

3. “I just found this steal of a deal at a yard sale. Then I looked inside...”

4. “I found a dog in the jungle, and now I have a best friend.”

5. " I found the Cheshire Cat in my apartment complex."

6. “This is actor Sean Astin photobombing me in ‘93 at the D.C. inaugural ball and again 26 years later at Disneyland.”

7. “There was a perfect spade on my chip.”

8. “I found this dog while skiing in Colorado. His eyes blew my mind.”

9. “I found my doppelgänger at a bar, dressed like me!”

10. “While tearing up their carpet, my in-laws found a giant Monopoly board.”

11. “A megalodon tooth I found in a dirty Florida creek!”

12. “Laur is so proud of the worm she found, calling it ’record-breaking.’”

13. “My friends found my twin, but I can’t reach her.”

14. “Our dog went missing for 4 days, and this is the moment we found her. Thank you locals for helping!”

15. “Found this ‘veiled lady’ mushroom on a hike this morning near Seoul, South Korea.”

16. “We accidentally found the perfect mirror.”

17. “I found this very solemn eggplant.”

18. “This big orange mushroom I found today”

19. “I found this little guy in my backyard this morning. He was just resting.”

What’s the lucky thing that’s happened to you recently? How did you capture the moment when it happened?

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