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19 Pics That Open Our Eyes to New Worlds in the Tiniest of Places

The smallest things can hide an entire tiny world, worthy of a science fiction movie or a fairy tale. In the distance, you can see a simple log, but if you zoom in a bit closer, you’ll see that the old tree can house a miniature replica of a volcano’s crater.

Here at Bright Side, we found the right framing and invite you to discover the many little universes right here on Earth.

1. The alien planet of a soap bubble through a macro lens

2. A miniature sandscape shaped by the wind

3. Moss grows over the coal of an uncleaned grill.

4. This is a lake cake.

5. A tropical island appeared in the middle of a little pond.

6. “My son found a plant growing in a snail shell.”

7. “Walked this street hundreds of times and finally discovered that these shutter holders were actually little knights.”

8. “Bubbles in my hand sanitizer look like a mini solar system.”

9. A tiny forest in a stone

10. A frozen soap bubble mountain range

11. “I got tired of seeing this old scar in our tree, so I made a fairy house.”

12. A snow cave reflects a rainbow that looks like a magical scenario.

13. The inside of this toaster looks like a spaceship interior.

14. The crack in this tree bark looks like a canyon.

15. This picture of a frozen puddle looks like a landscape from the perspective of a plane.

16. A tiny umbrella farm

17. “I’m a planetary scientist. I spent 30 seconds trying to figure out what crater or volcano this was. It fooled me!”

18. Between cloud layers in a glass

19. This isn’t an interstellar mission, it’s a puddle at sunset!

Which of these tiny planets would you want to live in? Have you discovered a mini world lately? Or maybe you’ve created one yourself. We’d love to know more about it!