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20+ Cool Finds That’ll Make You Want to Run to the Nearest Second-Hand Store

Many people don’t like or even feel disgusted about flea markets and second-hand shops. In our experience, we’ve found nothing but unnecessary trash, second-hand clothes, and broken things there. That’s why we always are so surprised to learn about people finding something special at these places. However, modern thrift stores have become a real gold mine for fans of unusual and unique items.

At Bright Side, we will never get tired of watching people who manage to find treasure in piles of old stuff. And we have to admit, we get slightly jealous of these lucky people.

“I found 2 gold and 3 sterling silver rings in this $2.00 bag at an estate sale today! Lucky days happen!”

“I scored this great mirror for $2.”

“I have no idea how to wear this golden necklace, but it was too ridiculous and awesome to pass up.”

“A $360 genuine alligator money clip and cufflinks from M-clip, bought for approximately 65¢ in a Texas Goodwill outlet! Brand spanking new and in the original box!”

“These are quite possibly the best heels I’ve ever thrifted. Genuine vintage Chanel!”

“I couldn’t pass on this for $40. It’s 14k gold and has 6 diamonds and 18 sapphires.”

“I went looking for a plant stand and found this awesome stool. Look at those talons!”

“What I thought was an old fake Rolex turned out to be a genuine vintage piece!”

“I found this silver box at a Salvation Army shop for $4. It turned out to be solid silver, made by a well-known Danish silversmith around 1800.”

“I bought it at a thrift store for $12.51. I took it to a jeweler and found out that the gold, diamonds, and rubies are all real!”

“I just found a Barbie Dreamhouse for my daughter at my local thrift shop for $9.”

“It currently sells on the Barbie Mattel website for $204!”

“My housemate is moving out so I finally get to decorate my space how I want. This is my latest addition — $25 at Goodwill.”

“I bought this gold-plated flatware set for $25 at GW. They will be used every single day. I don’t believe in saving things for special occasions.”

“I got a pair of Louis Vuitton x Colette sneakers for $15. Only 50 pairs of these shoes were ever produced, and their retail price was $715.”

“I found a 68-piece set of vintage Noritake china and paid $75 for the whole thing. Each piece is worth between $15-$30 each!”

“The workers threw the glassware in for free because it matched.”

“I’ve been thrifting since I was 13 and I have never had this good of a find. A Chloé Faye bag for $35 — its regular retail price is $1,450.”

“I found this pendant labeled as costume jewelry for $3. I took it to a jeweler and they said it’s made from unmarked 18k gold while the stones are topaz.”

“This little picture frame is solid ivory and is over 150 years old. I can see why they threw it away but I’m glad I saved it.”

“I thrifted all 3 items separately this weekend. So glad they all matched!”

“I found this gem tucked away at a mid-century furniture and decor shop. It even came with the original compact mirror and comb inside.”

“Dumpster sterling is the best sterling. I found both of these tonight. The spoon is from the 1930s and the fork is from the early 1900s.”

“This teapot with King Henry VIII and his 6 wives is the best $2 I’ve ever spent.”

“A vintage Coleman cooler with all the separators and drink bucket inside! I got it for free at a garage sale because I told the man how awesome it was!”

“Today I found my white whale: a vintage Chanel Gabrielle bag. Its resale value is $4,000, and I paid $2.”

“I found a nice vintage sterling silver ring with blue topaz in a dumpster tonight. From what I can tell, the original retail price was $199.99.”

“I bought this sterling silver teapot for $2.99.”

“I furnished my office almost entirely from Kijiji (even the cat is second-hand).”

Have you ever managed to buy something valuable for almost nothing? Tell us in the comments below.

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