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20+ People Shared the Best Photos They’ve Ever Taken in Their Lives

When looking at the photos taken by professional photographers on Instagram, we involuntarily ask ourselves a question, “How do they manage to create these masterpieces?” And you are absolutely right if you think that one has to invest in expensive equipment, know the rules of photography, and have experience in this art in order to take spectacular shots. However, sometimes all you need to do to get a flawless photo is to be at the right place, at the right time.

We at Bright Side are sure that it’s possible to take beautiful photographs even with the help of a smartphone by capturing awe-inducing scenery or rare phenomena. And the characters of our compilation proved that any of us can do this.

1. “This is not a painting. It’s a pic of my wife at my daughter’s wedding. 28 years and still in love.”

2. “I was taking pictures of a sandpiper with my phone when I saw the seagull enter the frame. I tapped to take a picture of it and got lucky.”

3. “Coneflowers trapped in a jacket of ice after an autumn storm. It does sort of have an artistic vibe to it.”

4. “The morning today was wonderful! Though I was late to work, I managed to take this pic. It looks as if I am playing with filters, but these are just different cameras.”

5. “Yesterday morning I captured an incredibly brief and rare event, the ISS transiting the 4% illuminated moon during the daytime.”

6. “A photo of my coffee cup with the reflection of a lamp”

7. “I saw this cold weather phenomenon today in Fairbanks, Alaska.”

  • This phenomenon is called a sun dog, and at night when it happens to the moon it’s called a moon dog. © Rxasaurus / Reddit

8. “My cactus just bloomed, and its flower looks like a Demogorgon from Stranger Things.”

9. “Took this picture of the snow wave on my roof today.”

10. “Saw a squirrel eating a strawberry off a fork on my way to class.”

11. “I took a picture of a window with rain on it and it looks like a planet surrounded by millions of stars.”

12. “Morro Rock looks like a pile of gold during sunrise. My wife says it resembles a Ferrero Rocher.”

13. “I took a pic of an egret flying low over the lake at sunset.”

14. “One of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken! I put this together on a windless day from a pile of leaves that had fallen from a glorious maple tree in the middle of Vancouver, BC, Canada.”

15. “Drove through and hiked down into Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah yesterday. I’ve never experienced scenery like it. It was beautiful.”

16. “How ’Portrait Mode’ on my phone captured my campfire”

17. “This is me 0.000001 seconds away from hitting the water in 2015.”

18. “My cat standing directly in a rainbow”

19. “Such a beautiful scene my wife and I encountered while doing a sunrise hike”

20. “This eagle struck a pose for me on the top floor of a mall.”

21. “Captured this incredibly rare combo of the Northern Lights and the comet Neowise.”

22. “When I was looking through my photos, I realized I unknowingly took 2 pictures of the same bull, 5 years apart, at a ranch I visit in Texas.”

23. “I cannot believe I caught this...”

Have you ever witnessed anything awe-striking or very rare? Did you have your camera with you at that moment?

Preview photo credit thatpiccnurse / Reddit