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20 People Who Know How to Organize Space in Their Own Way

Some people can’t live without trying to organize space around them. And sometimes their organizing tricks can be very useful, creative, and actually inspiring. Even kids can use some interesting tricks when piling up their toys or goodies.

At Bright Side, we love to organize space, and we really enjoyed the photos in this article.

“I’ve been writing short stories for a few years, this is how they’re organized.”

“The bibs at my dentist’s office are organized to look like a toothbrush.”

“I like to organize my eggs by color.”

“My gym’s vending machine organizes water based on its temperature.”

“Someone paid me $5 in mini bundles of dimes today.”

  • As a cashier, I would so appreciate them counting it out beforehand, I’d take it without counting. The amount of people that throw change/money on the counter and say I think there’s X amount there, is infuriating. © taprevilo / Reddit

“My teenage sister’s book collection organized by color”

“One of my customers has this homemade drill organizer in their metal shop.”

“I found a bunch of rocks on a beach and organized them by color.”

“I found an interesting use for Legos.”

“I started with just an orange robot arm and have expanded to organize all my random desktop tools.”

“My wife is so organized she packs zipper bags with her outfits for each day on vacation.”

  • Where’s the bag for “I’ve never worn this in the 3 years I’ve owned it, but I might feel it during this vacation”? © Quizzzle / Reddit

“The way my mom organizes my dad’s shoes.”

“I found this when I was cleaning my bookshelf.”

“My first application round to PhD just a year ago. When you like organizing things, but you are also childish!”

“My grandpa has a case for his sauces.”

“The way my dad decided to visually organize his CDs”

“I finally got my pegboard organized to how I like it.”

“The way my husband organizes his band/movie shirts.”

  • Can I ask your husband to be my husband? I lack the dedication to do this with my shirts, and I see a lot of bands I like in just that first layer of shirts. © Azazel****Buckets / Reddit

“I organized my spice drawer.”

“Our neighbor donated his pod machine (and a lot of coffee) since he likes his newer one better.”

“I don’t want to admit how much effort we put into organizing our new coffee cabinet.”

“I’ve never seen such a tidy garage!”

“How my kid organized his Halloween candy”

Do you like to organize space? Share your tricks in the comments below.

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