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20 People Whose Actions Are Hard to Explain

We all feel that rebellious spirit from time to time, especially when people say we can’t do that. There are also some people who break the rules 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even when it comes to silly little things — they just don’t know how else to act.

Bright Side has found 20 people who aren’t ready to be trapped by clichés.

20. Is that legal?

19. “The handle is in its proper place. What’s the problem?”

18. Having a real girlfriend is way more challenging.

17. “So I fractured my pinky but I pulled a fast one on my x-ray technician.”

16. Security is the most important thing.

15. “My wife is a monster.”

14. We bet she said “Yes.”

13. The ultimate footwear

12. This person brings audacity to a new level.

11. “My dad never asks for his pictures to be taken. Then today he asks for his pic.”

10. Perfectionists, look away.

9. Because everyone should know you’re an extraordinary person just by looking at your haircut.

8. A story of one rebel

7. Read carefully and do what you want.

6. “The way my wife leaves the egg shells in the carton instead of throwing them into the trash”

5. Stop this guy, please.

4. It could be a great film.

3. “Screw your prohibitions!”

2. A life hack on how to zoom in to a picture on the screen:

1. “My roommate meal-prepped his cereal.”

How often does your inner rebel want to break all rules? Let us know in the comments!

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