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20 People Whose Best Remedy for Fails Is a Good Laugh

We’ve all probably had those days where everything goes absolutely wrong, and even ordinary routines seem to come off the wheels. Psychologists say that it’s helpful to remember the tiny things that go well for you and the people who are in your corner, just to shift your anger to a positive side. Today’s article is about people who chose to fight their fails with humor, and it seems like they’ve really won over them.

Here at Bright Side, we believe that humor will save the planet. We’ve found 20 pics that prove how laughing and joking at failures makes them seem tiny and unimportant. Let’s dive into these epic blunders, one giggle at a time.

1. “Close enough...”

2. “My friend went to Disneyland wearing the wrong shirt.”

3. “My coworker and I found a praying mantis at work and took a picture with it. It turned out more like a couple’s engagement photo.”

4. “Found this old thing after I thought I lost it years ago. Still fits like a glove.”

5. Some parking sorcery near the mall

6. “My wife often says that I’m so bad in the kitchen that I can’t even reheat a bowl of soup. It seems she was right all along.”

7. Don’t have a garbage bin? Improvise, adapt, and overcome.

8. They learned their lesson about following spray tan instructions.

9. “So my friend Roxanne went to a café...”

10. “I see your tan lines and raise you mine.”

11. “My cat doesn’t lick/clean himself as much as he is supposed to, which caused him to get extremely knotted.”

“I went to the vet with a large cat and left with a small lion.”

12. “Told my girlfriend to pick me up the manliest-looking loofa she could find at the store. She got me this.”

13. “He scared me every time I went to put the bins out for a solid week.”

14. “I went to a cat café for Christmas. Most of them were cute.”

15. “Trimming my dog on my own isn’t as easy as it seems.”

16. “My roommates said they left me a slice.”

17. “My friend bought chicken nuggets and got one with a piece of cardboard with writing on it.”

18. “Stayed at a classy hotel. Saw this.”

19. “And the job went to the lowest bidder...”

20. “The flight attendant rushed out of the bathroom.”

What is the fail in your life that makes you chuckle every time you think about it? What is the funniest thing that you were able to capture in a photo about some epic yet funny fail?


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