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20 Pics That Proved Life Around Us Is Full of Comedy

Sharing a good laugh with a friend isn’t just a lot of fun, but it can actually improve your health. A portion of good laughter will relax your whole body, boost your immune system, protect your heart, and help you lose some calories too. And you don’t have to spend a cent to get this wonderful medicine for yourself.

Here at Bright Side, we love to be the provider of good vibes’ for our readers, and today we’ve collected 20 photos that you will look at as if they are short comedies. We’d love for you to smile and laugh together with us.

1. “Our dog whose tongue always sticks out in a blanket with holes”

2. “My brother took our cat to prom because he couldn’t find a date.”

3. “Bought my wife a tablet for Christmas, this is how I wrapped it.”

4. “Sat next to these ladies who insisted our dog FaceTime with theirs.”

5. “Our automated future.”

6. “Our good boy that loves bubbles!”

7. “This past year my best friend and I have been putting random things in our beards. We hope you enjoy!”

8. “Our 2 dogs have very different personalities...”

9. “Our indoor cat moved from a gray apartment block view to this.”

10. “Our home defense system!”

11. “I am 34 years old.”

12. “My friend’s dog was running around outside in the cold and climbed back in the tent. This was his reaction to the sleeping bag.”

13. “We had our wedding cake remade for our 5th anniversary and this fat troublemaker took the first bite.”

14. “Her favorite way to lay on the couch.”

15. “Forget winter, this squirrel in my backyard’s getting ready for the Ice Age.”

16. “I found out that our Volkswagen fits in the den. Will see what the wife thinks when she gets home.”

17. “That isn’t what that is for.”

18. “This little guy jumped onto our boat, strolled into the cabin, and made himself at home on the couch.”

19. “My friend went to the aquarium this morning and sent me this.”

20. “This feeling.”

What is the photo saved in your phone that cheers you up every time you look at it? Which of your own photos make you laugh so hard that you can’t resist giving them a good giggle?

Got some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE and right now. Meanwhile, we’re waiting!

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