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20 Things That Decided to Test Our Patience at the Worst Possible Moment

Every day we strive to make most of things. Unfortunately, there are times when it seems like the universe has decided to throw us a curveball to test our nerves and there are moments when we start to think about how this is even possible.

Bright Side found images that people shared about how they were tested and we simply couldn’t unsee the outcomes.

1. The difference in quality we had back then compared to now

2. Can someone tell me what this jacket is actually made of?

3. “My mother’s birthday cake didn’t survive the car ride.”

4. “Forgot to bring lunch to work, decided to get a bag of chips from the vending machine...”

5. “I left the ibuprofen I had for a toothache in the car...”

6. “Decided to cook dinner for my parents... tasted odd. It turned out that the pepper they had expired the year before I was born.”

7. “My Fruit of the Loom underwear are actually Joe Boxer underwear with the label covered over.”

8. “The $120 keyboard that I got 20 minutes ago.”

9. “The paint lid wasn’t closed properly by the store...”

10. “Driving my wife’s new car (still on the first tank of gas) when this happened.”

11. “Walked through a fly strip this morning... Spent an hour shampooing glue and flies out of my hair.”

12. This probably wasn’t one of the good days...

13. “I fell asleep and my laptop fell off the bed...It won’t charge, my essay is late, and it wasn’t even that good of a nap!”

14. “My 3-year-old son found my wallet when I was cooking during arts and crafts time.”

15. “My girlfriend spent 2 years on this, only to discover that one piece missing.”

16. “I didn’t know this was possible.”

17. “I just found a lug nut in my fruit bar.”

18. “So I tried to pick up an egg...”

19. “I put stain remover (without bleach) on my new shorts to get rid of a grease stain.”

20. “My 8-year-old daughter finally won a claw game... only the plush toy got stuck in the claw and she didn’t get her prize.”

Which one of these made you feel frustrated? Have you ever been in a similar situation yourself?

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