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20 Things That May Seem Strange to Us, but Are Completely Normal for Kitchen Staff

Every job has its peculiarities. A garbage collector may come across treasures dumped by distracted or uninterested people, a tattoo artist may have to draw super-weird drawings on awkward places of the body, someone working in the kitchen may.... well, there are a lot of things that can happen, and since they are usually hidden places, we never really get the chance to find out what happens in there. That’s until today. Many kitchen employees took the time to share their anecdotes and capture them with memorable pics.

Bright Side is always open to finding out about the funny things that happen behind the curtain of gastronomic work and, like always, we chose the best images and put together a compilation with them just for you.

1. “Hit the holy grail shucking Kushi oysters tonight.”

2. “End of my night last night. Understaffed and overworked. Still love this job for some reason.”

3. “The way my coworker stacked the clean potatoes.”

4. “I present to you, the humble 2 gal cambro.”

5. “I don’t want to be here anymore today”

6. “Owner: Let’s make lots of dough tonight! Me: Okay! (Proceeds to empty 20kg of flour in the mixer.) Owner: Dude I mean money! Dough = money! Me: Too late! Jokes aside, that’s 50 lbs of pizza dough for the weekend. Hope ya’ll have a great weekend.”

7. “We all have that one cook that unknowingly teaches everyone a valuable lesson, like: Never leave your tray on an active burner.”

8. “Customer broke a bar stool. Rather than throw it away we decided to make a luxury milk crate.”

9. “When you come in to find that nobody watered the hot wells all day.”

10. “When you’re on overtime and chef asks you to sweep...”

11. “Former McDonald’s employee here. I used to build random stuff at work and everyone loved it”

12. “Newbie asked where the right-hand gloves were.”

13. “I heard a scream from the backroom so I went to see what happened, and I saw this.”

14. “The new girl at work was zesting lemons, and oh my god I’ve never seen anyone do it quite this thoroughly.”

15. “The worst possible thing happened an hour before close. Busser knocked an ABC extinguisher off the wall and it went everywhere. I stayed with our dishie until 4 AM.”

16. “When you gotta work the grill, but you also gotta write an essay.”

17. “We’re going to need a bigger kitchen.”

18. “This made it so much easier to cook for this customer”

“I am allergic to onions. This also includes chives, leeks, shallots, scallions, and all members of the allium family (except garlic) in fresh, dehydrated, and powdered forms. This extends to stocks, sauces, and dressings.

Please substitute as necessary. I am an adventurous eater so if my selections cannot be reasonably modified please feel free to bring me whatever can be prepared as an alternate dish. Thank you!!”

19. “The foot of the front leg on the stove gave out. Luckily it wasn’t during service and no one was near it when it happened. 10 gallons 😂 (the pot didn’t look like that before this happened haha)”

20. “My cooks had issues with exactly how I wanted the burgers built so I made this diagram on paint. One of my cooks loved it so much he had it tattooed on his leg.”

What crazy things do you think only happen at your job? It’s your time to engage in catharsis together by posting and reading these strange and thrilling experiences in the comments.

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