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20+ Times People Embraced Their Unique Features and Showed Them to the Whole World

Some of us will never get lost in a crowd due to our tall stature, others will keep conquering the hearts of the opposite sex with the help of a charming gap between their teeth. All of this proves one thing — each of us has something special about our appearance and we definitely shouldn’t feel shy about it.

And that’s what the 20+ characters of our compilation have proven. All we at Bright Side have left to do is admire them and the nature that awarded them with such uniqueness.

1. “My hair and eyelashes are naturally split into blonde and brunette.”

2. My right pinky has an extra “square.”

3. “My beard grows 1/4 orange.”

4. “I have a stripe on my left iris.”

5. “My fingers look like this because of loss of blood flow.”

6. “I have dermatographia, which means I can ‘draw’ on my skin.”

7. “Half of my hair is growing back straight and half is growing back curly.”

8. “My friend has little freckles on both of her earlobes, making it look like she’s wearing earrings.”

9. “My iris has a defect where the pupil looks as if it hangs down.”

10. “I have an extra bone growth next to my knee that I like to call my extra knee cap.”

11. “I have fraternal thumbs, one from each parent due to a genetic mutation on my dad’s side.”

12. “I have a semi-rare disease called heterochromia where it makes part of my eye blue.”

13. “I have brachymetatarsia and it makes my toes look like this.”

14. “I am a natural blonde but one patch of my hair grows black instead of blonde.”

15. “My daughter and I both have blue left eyes and green right eyes. Although she has a patch of green on the bottom of her blue eye.”

16. “The phalanges on both little fingers are deformed, like my grandpa and dad. It’s called clinodactyly.”

17. “The 7 freckles on my face make a perfect 7.”

18. “My hair grows in a spiral.”

19. “I have a defect called ’mega cornea’ which makes my eyes look bigger, like a magnifying glass.”

20. “My leg hair genuinely grows in a spiral.”

21. “I naturally only have eyelashes on one eye.”

Do you have anything specific about your appearance? What do people pay attention to when they see you?

Preview photo credit benibensch / Reddit