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21 Kids Who Should Run Their Own Webinars About Perfect Reactions

Kids’ reactions to their surroundings are usually more genuine than adults. And by that we mean that they are usually priceless. They don’t have to fake anything and these natural reactions make it possible to capture amazing moments.

Bright Side presents you with 21 kids who have the most perfect reactions.

1. “My daughter wanted to be in the photo with us. We didn’t tell her we were going to kiss.”

2. “I give you my sons reaction to his first meeting with cake!”

3. “My daughter’s reaction to chocolate ice cream”

4. “Cheaper than a theme park! My daughter’s reaction to her first ever car wash experience...”

5. “My son just got this shirt as a gift. So far, he likes the reactions he is getting.”

6. “My son’s reaction to the Elmo news”

7. “My son said he didn’t believe in Santa... I sure showed him.”

8. “My sons reaction to my engagement”

9. “My son loves trucks. This was his reaction when seeing a big truck, up close, for the first time.”

10. “My daughters reaction to seeing her mom hold another baby”

11. “My son had the best reaction to his first real roller coaster.”

12. “My 6-month-old son’s reaction when I didn’t give him my coffee”

13. “My daughter’s reaction to seeing a ballerina for the first time”

14. “My infant son’s reaction to the shaving of my beard...”

15. “My friend’s wife was allergic to their Christmas tree, so they had to return it and get a fake one. This was their son’s reaction.”

16. “When your daughter gets to hold her new baby sister for the first time... and realizes she’s heavier than the practice dolls.”

17. “My daughter’s priceless reaction when I decided to take the XL bowl of pho challenge”

18. “My daughter’s reaction to first seeing the Disney castle”

19. “My son’s reaction to automatic sliding doors”

20. “My son saw graffiti up close for the first time and I wanted to share his reaction with someone.”

21. “My niece reacts to the news that her baby brother was born.”

Are your kids masters of the perfect reactions? Share their pictures with us in the comments!

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