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21 People Whose Creativity Deserves a “King of Humor” Award

A sense of humor is like a promotion — not everybody gets it. But the ones who do may as well be warriors who brighten up our otherwise gloomy days. And in case you’re having a particularly hard day, here are some pictures that will make you feel better or at least appreciate people’s creativity.

Bright Side has searched and compiled a list of the funniest things people have shared online and we’re forwarding some of these gems right to you.

1. “I put falsies on my belly and then laughed about it for 3 minutes straight.”

2. When your human is an artist:

3. “ARThusiast”

4. The King has risen!

5. “We had a local elementary school decorate paper bags for Earth Day...”

6. “My cousin’s costume — he’s a dentist and yes, he’s at work.”

7. Take a chill pill and accept your flaws.

8. Only following the rules!

9. The most creative theft ever!

10. “Always choose the doctor with a sense of humor.”

11. “My friend works at an orthodontics lab where patients can design their own retainers....”

12. “My dad just sent me this...”

13. They’ve got the “come and try me” face on.

14. “Looks like someone at my local grocery store has a decent sense of humor.”

15. “My boyfriend was too short to reach the top...”

16. “This is how my coworker left us.”

17. Well played, Barnes and Noble.

18. As real as it gets...

19. No matter the question, chicken is always the answer.

20. “One of my mom’s ‘Elf on the Shelf’ photos”

21. “This sign I found at an ice cream shop”

Which of these pictures made you chuckle the most? What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever done? Let us know in the comments below!

Preview photo credit mommakyyeee / Twitter
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