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22 Absolutely Irritating Things That Can Trigger Even the Calmest Person

Half-filled buns and rolls, glasses after the rain, sliding duvet covers, or fake pockets on our clothes... Sometimes we might think that nothing can disturb our peace of mind, but then life brings us a surprise. And they can come in the most unexpected and annoying ways!

We at Bright Side try to stay cool in every situation, but even we sometimes find it hard to hold ourselves back. This time we feel the urge to share these 22 maddening photos that are so relatable, it hurts!

1. “I paid $8 for this.”

2. “My girlfriend’s kitchen, everyone.”

3. “This guy at my work never drinks the whole Coca-Cola.”

4. “Donut murder”

5. Ankle hunter

6. “This chandelier at the restaurant I ate at bothers me so much.”

7. “This image speaks for itself.”

8. “This ‘box’ of beef jerky”

9. “The only reason why I hate glasses”

10. “This is the way my mom watches TV, with things obscuring the screen.”

11. “Boxes that open like this”

12. “Every night like 2,000 times a night, having to fix this”

13. “So thankful for my singular candy topping.”

14. “Some leftover chocolate from Christmas”

15. “The toilet paper at my university”

16. “The ‘obstruction at my front door’ that prevented UPS from delivering my package...”

17. “My jam filled donut”

18. "Thought I was charging my computer for a 6 hour road trip. Guess not...

19. “Every. Single. Time.”

20. “My dad has had this laptop for 4 YEARS and he’s refusing to take the plastic protector off.”

21. Fake pockets

22. “I tried opening a yogurt. How does this even happen?”

Which of these situations annoys you the most? What other things make you grit your teeth? Let’s share in the comment section!

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