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22 Perfect Fits That Are the Definition of a Match Made in Heaven

If life were a puzzle, the web users we have gathered in this article would be among the lucky few who would have stumbled upon a unique piece. These objects that, by the vagaries of fate, found their other half in the least expected places show us that we can see perfection even in the most ordinary moments of our daily lives.

Bright Side wants to share images that could leave even the most discerning viewers with a smile of satisfaction.

1. “My flatmate used two capsicums in her dinner, but finished neither —the remainder of each fit perfectly together.”

2. “My girlfriend’s bed.”

3. “Historic house built for my friend.”

4. “Making stew and realized I didn’t have a lid to cover my wok. Improvise, adapt, overcome.”

5. “My crib delivery”

6. “The way my stroopwafel perfectly fits this coffee mug.”

7. “The way this box of donuts fits perfectly in the microwave.”

8. “Nice Italian restaurant’s takeout containers fit perfectly inside the bag. They have no idea how much this delights me.”

9. “My can of soda just barely fits in the glass.”

10. “Butter fit into the dish so niiiiice.”

11. “The way a random selection of farmers’ market tomatoes fit neatly into my roasting pan.”

12. “The two ends of my banana fit together to make a baby boy.”

13. “These three jars of formula fit perfectly under our corner cabinet.”

14. “When you get an Amazon package that fits in the box perfectly.”

15. “My new bathmat fits the tile pattern perfectly.”

16. “My noodles fit my pot perfectly.”

17. “I present my new utility drawer.”

18. “Fit perfectly through the door and under the handle”

19. “This basket designed for stairs.”

20. “Well, it looks like I bought the right shed.”

21. “The way this sink’s water pours down the drain!”

22. “Got this pasta wheel stuck in my spatula while making lunch.”

When was the last time you witnessed perfection in something ordinary? Which photo is proof that some things are meant to be together? Share it in the comments!

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