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24 Emotional Photos That Will Touch Every Soul and Warm Every Heart

Some photos are so much more than frozen images, there’s a story behind them, sometimes an entire life. Take a little time when you go through them, each one is full of emotions: happiness, sorrow, joy, and relief. The only thing they’re missing is indifference.

We at Bright Side found these pictures very touching and can’t wait to show them to our readers.

1. This fawn is waiting for its mother, ironically, hiding behind a shooting target. The mother returned for him shortly after this picture was taken.

2. This man is sick in the hospital and his wife has been staying with him every day. It’s called true love.

3. Relationship goals

4. This girl draws rainbows and gives the pictures to people to make their life a little bit brighter.

5. This dog can’t walk any longer, so its owner still takes it for a walk every day on a wheelchair.

6. This man made a decision to stay in the Fukushima Exclusion Zone to take care of the animals that were left behind.

7. Everyone wants to stay dry.

8. These kids read to the dogs in the shelter to help them to get used to people.

9. Badge of Honor: This Marine finishes last to help the boy who was lost from his group finish the race as well.

10. Everyone deserves to see their favorite band.

11. Faith in corporate humanity

12. Artist installs seesaws between US-Mexico border wall, one side is in Mexico, the other is in the US.

13. Have a snack, little guy.

14. This firefighter saved her biggest treasure.

15. Random act of kindness

16. When the senior citizen care facility really cares:

17. The Incredible Shrinking Woman

18. A young man showing compassion toward a 91-year-old man who was having dinner alone

19. Baywatch crew

20. This hairdresser is giving free haircuts to the homeless.

21. They grow so fast, way too fast

22. Something special for the “extra life” after the heart surgery

23. No other words needed.

24. “I gave the local homeless musician, who was borrowing guitars to busk on the street, my old first acoustic guitar after upgrading”.

Which of these pictures touched you the most? Maybe you have your own that would fit into this selection. If you do, make sure that you show us in the comments and spread the word by sharing this article.

Preview photo credit Prostoilogin / pikabu
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