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25 Highly Misleading Photos That Make Us Look Twice

If you think that there’s nothing special about these photos, you might be wrong. They’re interesting because of unusual perspective, pranks of nature, or just our imagination.

Bright Side invites you to look closely at these photos and be surprised by the world’s diversity and curiosities. There’s a bonus at the end of the article that was created by a real-life optical illusion.

25. Is the giant squirrel trying to get into that car?

24. This underwater waterfall looks like the entrance to a parallel reality.

23. The dishes look like they’re covered with a food wrap, but it’s just ice.

22. This sweet potato looks just like a seal.

21. There’s only one animal in this photo.

20. These 2 houses are keeping a close eye on each other.

19. What is going on here?

18. Save yourselves! The pirates are coming!

17. The play of light and shadow is stunning.

16. No Photoshop!

15. This avocado looks like a dragon egg.

14. A mesmerizing tattoo

13. The door of this car looks like there’s a UFO flying over a forest.

12. Someone will see a cute little panda in this photo.

11. It’s not a road. The fallen leaves cover the river.

10. Pegasus, is that you?

9. Is that Chewbacca? Oh, it’s someone’s hair.

8. This iceberg is ready to preserve law and order.

7. “Our 2 cats look like they were cross-stitched onto the carrier.”

6. “Somehow, he looks like we mounted him to the wall.”

5. It’s like a parallel reality starts here.

4. Ice on the windshield looks like a lot of small birds.

3. This glass is an American patriot.

2. Can you spot a happy dog here?

1. It’s the highest level of disguise.

Bonus: an optical illusion

Do you have more examples of things that will make us look twice? Share your photos and stories in the comments.

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