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25 Times People Recreated Their Childhood Photos, and It Was Hilarious

We can bet almost everyone has some special photos containing awkward moments and silly facial expressions that are now used as a great source of amusement. Childhood will never come back, but the spirit of it can be remembered. Recreating photos from the past allows us to come back and see these warm carefree times and be children again, even if it’s just for a while.

Bright Side found 25 old photo remakes that will make you feel like you’re in a time machine.

25. “Vietnam veterans recreated a photo 50 years later.”

24. “Feels like after 22 years we’ve traded temperaments.”

23. “Don’t let your inner child die.”

22. The same boy, the same rug, the same granny’s... knickers?

21. “My cousins and I, 24 years apart”

20. “My brothers and I decided to recreate our mother’s favorite photo of us for Mother’s Day — 20 years later.”

19. “A bath? Together!”

18. Nothing is better than a parent’s arms.

17. Boys stay boys.

16. “A father washing his baby boy in the sink”

15. Years go by but the fun stays.

14. Just pretending to be a human frog.

13. “Thank goodness Dad replaced those giant ’70s frames...”

12. “More than 20 years later...”

11. Snow White and...the seven dwarfs?

10. “All these years later and Dad still isn’t amused.”

9. “Still skating 38 years later”

8. They grew up but still fit in the box. What kind of magic is this?

7. Even after so many years, you have to take care of your little brother.

6. “Mmm...spaghetti!”

5. “Dad almost didn’t change!”

4. “Mom’s birthday surprise!”

3. “Baby boy helping Mom in the kitchen in 1995 and 2012.”

2. “He still hasn’t learned how to eat ice cream properly.”

1. “My son and I scanned our faces then and now.”

Do you have some funny photos from your childhood? Have you ever tried to recreate them? Share them with us in the comment section!

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