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25 Times Puns Were Created By Life Itself

Puns are an ancient practice. There is actual historical evidence of ancient people making puns centuries ago, all over the world. Based on this evidence, we've had more than enough time to develop our skills, but life itself is still the greatest prankster.

Bright Side collected pictures of amazing puns that happened by chance, so good people just had to capture them on camera.

1. Screenshot.

2. Good news everybody! Gas prices are falling.

3. Dominos.

4. A stable relationship.

5. Spotted a mama cat gently carrying her child today.

6. This cow is tired.

7. Holy crap!

8. Cliffhanger.

9. Gravity.

10. Layover at the airport.

11. Banana split.

12. Finally found the square root.

13. Walmart raised its low prices.

14. Just met Christian Bale.

15. So dedicated to the pun, I went back to take this when I was running late for work!

16. Spring is just around the corner.

17. Pickup line.

18. I guess I've worn out my welcome here.

19. Not a huge fan, to be honest.

20. Girlfriend told me to wear a plain tie to dinner tonight.

21. The tides have turned.

22. Mario cart!

23. Horrible F1 accident!

24. He's a step-dad.

25. Drive - thru.

Tell us in the comments which of these puns are your favorite. And if you have your own puns caught on camera, we'd love for you to share with us.

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