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27 Photos of Situations We Couldn’t Explain Even If We Tried

Sometimes we get lost in our own thoughts and completely forget about the real world. The same thing clearly happened to the people featured in this article. Why would a rational person smoke near a gas tank or swim toward a shark in an inflatable boat? We sure can’t explain their reasoning.

Bright Side gathered 27 photos that will make you shout, “What were you thinking?!”

27. Refuel, done.

26. The award-winner for craziest skill ever

25. They obviously aren’t aware of what fear is.

24. Chopsticks would have helped.

23. They just have to avoid hitting the brakes.

22. “Nice set, man!”

21. No one is gonna fall into this hole! There’s a cone!

20. When you arrive at a petrol station and suddenly realize you forgot to switch off your iron:

19. “The way a TV was delivered to my neighbor.”

18. This sign is for losers.

17. “If you want to hang out with sharks, semi-inflatable boats probably aren’t an ideal mode of transportation.”

16. How will she explain this?

15. When you forgot about the fire extinguishing system:

14. “They said I had to paint the curb.”

13. She forgot that it wasn’t a smartphone.

12. “That should work just fine as a door stopper... ”

11. When you don’t want to pay for delivery:

10. Almost nailed it.

9. “Okay, something is stuck. Let me check.”

8. What were they thinking about when they did this?

7. Just 2 questions: Why? How?

6. Nobody uses that door anyway.

5. “My buddy lives next door to a car dealership and forgot his parking brake.”

4. When you just don’t care:

3. Nothing will be the same.

2. Someone’s first attempt at drawing a sign.

1. Nailed it.

Have you ever witnessed people doing crazy things? Share your stories with us in the comment section.

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