14 Important Scenes That Were Removed From the Harry Potter Films for No Reason

The Harry Potter film series, that is loved by so many people, actually hides a lot of secrets. This is partly due to the fact that some scenes were mercilessly removed during the final editing, and because of that, we missed many important and funny moments.

At Bright Side, we love movies about Harry Potter, and we want to tell you about the removed scenes that will help to make many things clearer.

1. Harry and Hagrid going on the subway and discussing their upcoming shopping trip in Diagon Alley

Harry learned that he’d have to buy a wand and dragon skin gloves which surprised him a lot because he had no idea that dragons existed. Hagrid told Harry that he wanted to have his own dragon. It’s a pity that we couldn’t see the scene where a giant traveled in the muggle’s subway.

2. Other students are talking about Harry because he can speak Parseltongue, so they think he’s Slytherin’s heir.

3. Harry and Ron freak out in the forest because of Mr. Weasley’s car going wild.

They came across this car on their way to Aragog’s cave and thought it was a huge monster. But the car eventually saved them from spiders.

4. Fat Lady’s portrait is replaced with the portrait of Sir Cadogan.

5. Gryffindor students and Professor McGonagall are discussing Sirius Black who got into the common room through the portrait hole.

They realize that Sir Cadogan let a stranger in because he knew the password. This happened because of Neville, who wrote down all the passwords on a piece of paper and lost it.

6. Hogwarts students are welcoming Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and Durmstrang Institute by singing the school anthem.

This means that it wasn’t just guests who showed their magical greeting performances but Hogwarts did too. It’s a pity we couldn’t see it.

7. Professor Trelawney is having dinner in a very funny way during a speech by Dolores Umbridge, who just became the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.

She doesn’t get the chance to eat normally: she nearly choked, then her cream fell next to her plate. Professor Trelawney put the spoon with the cream remains into the glass for some reason, and then washed her hands in it because she got her hands dirty with the cream.

8. Umbridge is watching Draco and his friends bullying other students.

Later we’ll find out that she asked them to watch Dumbledore’s Army. They tried to catch Harry and his friends in the Room of Requirement a few times.

9. Umbridge is talking about how she hates children, and that her every attempt to change anything always fails.

Umbridge pointed her wand at Harry and Hermione and was about to say a spell when she was interrupted by the sound of branches cracking.

10. Harry notices that Malfoy disappeared from the Hogwarts map.

Harry mentioned it a few times but Hermione doubted whether the map could be trusted. Meanwhile, Malfoy conducted his experiments with the Vanishing Cabinet in the Room of Requirement.

11. In the cave with the fake Horcrux, Dumbledore is telling Harry about Tom Riddle.

Tom Riddle lured his classmates into this cave once, who eventually got hurt. Perhaps that was the reason why Dumbledore thought that one of the Horcruxes was here.

12. Mr. Weasley is making a radio for the Order of the Phoenix.

This is where Ron got the radio from that he used when the main characters were searching for the Horcruxes, and where he checked the names of his family and friends who were on the missing persons list.

13. Ron is telling Harry and Hermione about what he heard in the Ministry about the prosecution of people. The main characters are discussing the peculiarities of the Horcruxes.

Ron said that the people were found by calling He Who Must Not Be Named by his real name. The main characters suggested that the Horcruxes were alive because they could feel the presence of their master. We’ll find out later how the pendant affected the main characters.

14. Ron is teaching Hermione how to skip stones. This scene implies that they have feelings for each other.

We almost didn’t have a chance to see how Ron and Hermione were getting closer and it turns out that there was at least one touching scene where they had fun and skipped stones. But the scene was removed.

Do you think these scenes should have been left in the movies, or they were meaningless? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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