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20+ Cases When Filmmakers Didn’t Care Much About Props and Just Used Whatever They Had

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When the Wrath of Khan came out I was in the U.S. Navy (in CVN-65, actually). At the time, and to this day, I believe, naval anti-submarine aircraft would drop sonobuoys in the sea to find enemy submarines. These were essentially small sonars and hydrophones in a cylindrical casing about 12.5 cm in diameter and 90 cm long. They were commonly shipped in plastic hexagonal tubes with end caps and various protuberances to ease stacking and handling.
Imagine my surprise watching the film and finding them used by Starfleet.
Someone must have given a bunch of sonobuoy containers to the props department, because they're everywhere. Most notably they are seen in the scene where Spock is descending the Jeffrey's Tube on the way to engineering to die. They show up as conduits (I'm guessing) running along the tube.
They also show up in the scene on the Genesis asteroid where Kirk and Dr. Marcus are talking about their son, as equipment containers in the background. In this same scene one sees several conical containers that I recognized as part of a kids toy set, though I don't remember exactly which one. Lot you can do with spray paint.
Both the sonobuoy tubes and the toy "box" appeared in later films.
I was reading this interesting article pleasantly when out of the blue I'd spotted a bonus.
I was pretty embarrassed and at the same time laughed my ass of because I don't watch that much of Bengali soap operas because they won't avoid melodrama in their shows. I totally agree with the last sentence written by Bright Side authors and that twitter user had done a very good job in spotting this blooper as the general audience will always be swayed away by the melodrama portrayed in those soap operas.