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Billy Crystal Pays Heartfelt Tribute to “When Harry Met Sally” as He Turns 75: ’’Thank You All’’

When Harry Met Sally is one of the biggest triumphs in Billy Crystal’s acting career, and he made sure to pay homage to the iconic movie as he celebrated his 75th birthday. The nod to the 1989 romantic comedy took us on a trip down memory lane, and thousands of Billy’s fans were quick to react to the photo.

Billy made us all nostalgic.

Crystal recreated his character’s iconic pose from When Harry Met Sally, and we’re all here for it.
The star shared a recent image on his Twitter of him wearing a white cable knit sweater, blue jeans, and white sneakers, and posted it in a collage next to the original shot from the film.

He accompanied it with the words ’’Thank you all,’’ and soon his post gathered thousands of reactions and replies from his loving fans.

One of the replies came from the Merriam-Webster dictionary’s Twitter, which added a dash of humor to the definition of the word “icon.”

The comment read: ’’icon | noun | a person or thing widely admired, especially for having great influence or significance in a particular sweater.’’

When Harry Met Sally could’ve turned out differently.

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Back in 2019, as When Harry Met Sally was celebrating its 30th anniversary, the film’s director revealed that the happy ending in which the 2 protagonists wind up together was not originally in the script.

The director noted, “Harry and Sally don’t get together. They meet each other years later and walk their separate ways.” He added that meeting his wife around that time is what inspired him to end the film on a more joyful note.

Crystal is and will always be a Hollywood icon.

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Crystal has hosted the Oscars 9 times, which makes it the second most in history behind Bob Hope, who hosted the glamorous ceremony a whopping 19 times.

And recently, during the 2023 Oscars, Billy made a special appearance in a humorous trailer that parodied Top Gun: Maverick. In the trailer, the Top Gun: Maverick stars Jon Hamm and Charles Parnell asked Crystal to reconsider and host the event one more time, but Billy insisted he had a dentist appointment that night.

The legendary actor then replied, ’’Listen I’ve hosted this thing 9 times and I say give this kid a shot,’’ referring to Jimmy Kimmel who was the 2023 Oscar host.

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