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We Imagined How 34 Disney Characters Would Look If They Were Actually Human

Disney cartoons are full of characters represented by different types of animals. But how would they look if they had been originally thought of as humans?

At Bright Side, we asked ourselves this question and our illustrators showed us what 34 Disney characters would look like if they were human.

1. Bernard and Bianca

2. Flotsam and Jetsam

3. Pongo and Perdita

4. Gus and Jaq

5. Olaf and Sven

6. Flounder and Sebastian

7. Tramp and Lady

8. Robin and Lady Marian

9. Mickey and Minnie Mouse

10. Thomas and Duchess

11. Simba and Nala

12. The Siamese cats

13. Piglet and Pooh

14. Pumbaa and Timon

15. Chip and Dale

16. Dory and Marlin

17. James P. Sullivan and Mike

Would you like to have an illustration made of you with your favorite Disney characters? Leave us your picture in the comments and maybe we’ll include it in our next article!