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10 Celebrities Who Are Parents of Twins (We Had No Idea About Some of Them)

For many people, knowing they are going to be parents brings them lots of happiness. However, if they later find out that, instead of one, they’ll be bringing 2 babies into this world, everything becomes twice as difficult, since 2 kids demand an enormous amount of time, love, care, and attention. And all of this may be even harder for celebrity parents—not only do they have to take care of 2 babies, but they also have to fulfill their commitments in front of the camera.

Bright Side would like to present you with a selection of 10 celebrity parents who have twins and seem really proud to have them.

1. Jennifer Lopez

Max and Emme are 12 years old and they are the result of the relationship between 2 singers: Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. These kids have shown that they’ve inherited their famous parents’ talents. In addition to her beautiful voice, Emme plays the ukulele and is passionate about fashion and design. Her brother is more low-key though, but he has a voice that’s as gorgeous as his sister’s and has made it clear during their school plays. Their proud mother always posts pictures and videos of her beloved children on her social media accounts.

2. Beyoncé

Sir and Rumi are the twins of singers Beyoncé and Jay-Z. We met them as soon as they were born, thanks to a spectacular photo shoot. Now they’re almost 3 years old and we haven’t seen their little faces that often, because Beyoncé only shares pictures of them facing away from the camera. Back then, the couple hired around 6 nannies, because Sir and Rumi didn’t normally sleep at the same time.

3. Madonna

Madonna’s twin daughters Estere and Stelle were born on August 24, 2012, in Malawi. Raised in an orphanage, they were 4 years old when the pop legend adopted them in 2017. Madonna has lots of photos with her little treasures, and even made them an Instagram account, which she manages herself. The twins kept their birth names as a way to honor their roots.

4. Chris Hemsworth

The Australian actor is the father of 6-year-old twins Tristan and Sasha, who are the result of his relationship with actress Elsa Pataky. Just like a lot of celebrities, their parents decided to not expose their children’s faces on social media to preserve their privacy. For that reason, whenever we see them in a picture, they appear facing backward. The family moved from Los Angeles to Byron Bay, Australia, to raise the twins and their older sister close to nature and away from big cities.

5. Céline Dion

9-year-old Eddy and Nelson are the children of the famous singer Céline Dion and her late husband, René Angélil. When the twins were just newborns, Dion said, “I’m not sleeping at all. It’s amazing how we are able to survive without sleeping.” She was also happy with her little boys’ good health. The Canadian star confessed that her husband’s death in 2016 affected her deeply, so she turned to her sons, who comforted her during those very hard times.

6. Sarah Jessica Parker

The American actress is the mother of 10-year-old twins Tabitha and Marion. Their father is actor Matthew Broderick, and the couple used a surrogate to have their daughters. It’s normal to see pictures of Parker taking them to school, but they rarely go to celebrity events with her mother. However, the 3 of them were recently seen together at the New York City Ballet’s Fall Fashion Gala. Their outfits, with floral patterns, and their little purses proved that the girls have inherited their famous mother’s good taste and sense of style.

7. Mariah Carey

Twins Moroccan and Monroe were born in April of 2011 and changed the superstar’s life forever. They enjoy each other’s company and usually join their mother on her tours. Carey sees a little diva in her daughter—she even calls her Miss Monroe. Correspondingly, the little girl is following in her mother’s glamorous footsteps: it’s not unusual to see her with her mother at the spa, where she also receives manicure and pedicure treatments. On the other hand, Moroccan has a more reserved attitude and seems to be leaning toward music.

8. Zoe Saldana

The American actress, who became famous thanks to her role in Avatar, is the mother of the Perego-Saldana twins: Cy Aridio and Bowie Ezio. They were born on November 27, 2014. Zoe encourages her children to speak Spanish and English, just like she did during her childhood since she was raised in the US and the Caribbean. She also confessed that, at first, she was afraid that being a mother of twins may overwhelm her. But she’s very happy now, and she’s said that the kids help her manage her time more efficiently.

9. Julie Bowen

In May 2009, the then 40-year-old actress gave birth to twins John and Gus. Bowen jokingly said, “I wanted a baby, not 2!” After having her first son, Oliver, she had always intended to have more kids. However, she wasn’t ready for a double dose. She said she experienced some uncertainty after finding out she was going to have twins, but now she is amazed at her own ability to take care of her family and always be there to meet their needs.

10. Patrick Dempsey

On February 2007, twins Sullivan and Darby were born to American actor and racecar driver Patrick Dempsey and celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist Jillian Fink. Even though he admitted that, initially, he felt overwhelmed by the idea of having twins, his concerns quickly vanished as soon as he met them. When his children were only a few days old, Dempsey mentioned that he couldn’t wait to take them for a ride on the race track. Now they are 13 and they join their dad whenever they get the chance.

Would you like to have the experience of having twins? Do you know of any other celebrity we could add to our list? We’re waiting for you in the comment section.

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