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14 Men That Just Grew a Beard and Now They Are Completely New People

For our ancestors, beards were only practical — they protected their faces from damage and cold. But modern men grow beards mostly for their appearances. Beards make them look even more handsome and attractive.

We at Bright Side have found some men that grew beards and their faces have changed dramatically. And as a bonus for this article, we’ll show you proof that toughness is not always a synonym for the world “beard.”

“Now, my face will never be cold.”

“What 4 months of beard growth can create...”

  • What an incredible improvement! Magnificent beard! You should never shave your face, that beard is meant to be shown around! © beardfull1 / Reddit

“19 years old and 23. Now the beard balances out my bushy eyebrows that I didn’t like. My mom wasn’t impressed.”

“My beard has changed in 2 years”

“So crazy how a beard totally changes your whole look. 9 months of beard growth. First time with a beard. I love it. My partner hates it.”

From a cutie to macho

It seems that we found a candidate for the role of Apollo in a film about Ancient Greece

“6 months of progress. Aside from the usual routine, I also use coconut oil once or twice a week.”

“I have a hair pulling disorder. That doesn’t stop me from growing a cool beard!”

“My bearded journey so far. Before and after”

“29 years old, first time growing a beard. Going for that Wes Chatham look.”

“My progress since 2013”

Beard or no beard, that is the question

“36 years old with 4 kids and I used to get my ID checked EVERY time. Not as much now”

Bonus: “I’m a single dad. My daughter wanted to practice braiding on me.”

What do you think about beards? Do you like smooth skin, bristles, or a big beard? Tell us in the comment section below!

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