15 People Who Prove Hard Work Goes a Long Way

Be it dropping 100 pounds or finally getting the degree you’ve wanted at the age of 50, there is nothing you can’t do when you are determined to achieve something. People on the internet are sharing the results their hard work got them and we are beyond inspired.

Bright Side would like to pass on the positivity to our readers and share the joy.

1. “Finally achieved my goal of losing 100 pounds! Such a great feeling finally, so glad I stuck with it.”

2. “I just moved into my first very own place and am living 100% independently.”

3. Really happy with this job

4. At the age of 14, my daughter was seriously depressed. Today she graduated a year early, on the Dean’s List, with a double major.

5. “My son, who was told last year that he was behind in reading, just finished his first ‘big kid book.’ All 131 pages.”

6. “Today my braces came off, after 2 corrective double jaw surgeries, I’m finally happy to smile at 28 years old!”

7. “Teenage me vs Adult me!”

8. “After bouncing from one entry-level gig to another, I finally convinced someone I’m better than that.”

9. “I drew the first picture in 2014. Today, I drew it again!”

10. “I made a coffee table and put a moss garden in it.”

11. “50 and finally got my Masters... Super stoked I am...”

12. “Neighbors told me they already jet-washed this bench, I kindly offered to give it another go for them.”

13. “It took me over 160 hours, but I finished knitting my brother’s Christmas present this morning! Just in time.”

14. “I never thought I’d be able to do something with my art, but I can finally say it. I’m a published illustrator!!”

15. “Lost 200 pounds in a year through fasting and walking, then crushed my fear of working out around others at the gym!”

What’s the greatest thing you’ve achieved this year so far?

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