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15 People Who Set a Goal to Change Their Looks and Achieved It

Losing weight isn’t easy. It requires a commitment and tons of patience just to be able to see the initial results. But fortunately, some people know what needs to be done to be consistent, and, after trying their best to improve their physical condition, they can now surprise everyone with their transformation.

Bright Side created a photo gallery of people who worked with determination and confidence to achieve the weight and health they very much desired.

1. “75 pounds less. The first picture is from May, 2019. The second picture is from January, 2020.”

2. “I lost 53 pounds. I did intermittent fasting and went for a low carb and gluten-free diet (due to an allergy).”

3. “61 pounds less. From class one obese to a healthy BMI in 10 months. Intermittent fasting changed my life!”

4. “Through working out, fasting, and new eating habits, I’ve lost almost 45 pounds in 2 years! ”

5. “Down 45 pounds. 15 to go!”

6. “Before, 207 pounds. After, 158 pounds. Took me 5 months.”

7. “7 months difference. 297 pounds down to 189 pounds!”

8. “My hat didn’t fit. I decided to lose weight so I could wear it again. Unfortunately, I lost the hat.”

9. “10 years ago, I made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. On the way, I found myself, and I couldn’t be happier.”

10. “After 2 years, I’m finally able to make my last post: I reached my goal weight! Thank you all for truly inspiring me to adopt a different mindset.”

11. This girl went from 229 pounds to 187 pounds.

12. “In 3 years I went from 383 pounds to 274 pounds. I’ve battled with obesity and depression my whole life, but I’ve never given in, and I’ve begun to enjoy the journey.”

13. “I went from 165 pounds to 125 pounds. I love my face! I also learned to take care of myself.”

14. “I went from 425 pounds to 202 pounds in 17 months. I came across the picture on the left and was blown away. Feeling so great about how much weight loss has enhanced my features!”

15. “Same shirt, about one year apart...”

What were your results when you wanted to improve your shape? Share pictures and comments from your big transformation with us in the comment section!