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16 Former Stars Who Have Totally Different Jobs Now

Getting a job in Hollywood can be a dream come true for so many people no matter where they come from. But, it can also be something that people want to leave behind since it comes with a lot of publicity. And people like MC Hammer, Macaulay Culkin, and Angus T. Jones made the conscious decision to get more regular jobs. People still care about them and how they’re doing, but they are not chasing after them 24/7.

Bright Side discovered 16 famous actors and singers that decided to leave the Hollywood lights behind and follow a different work path.

1. Hugh Mitchell: from actor to photographer

2. Jack Gleeson: from starring in Game of Thrones to academic student

3. Kevin Jonas: after the split of the Jonas Brothers, Kevin started working as a contractor

4. Danny Lloyd: from actor in The Shining to high school teacher

5. Peter Ostrum: from Charlie in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971) to veterinarian

6. Reed Alexander: from iCarly actor to financial news reporter

7. Andrew Shue: from Melrose Place actor to entrepreneur

8. Karyn Parsons: from starring in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air to philanthropist and author

9. MC Hammer: from rapper and performer to minister and entrepreneur

10. Al Green: from Grammy-winning singer to pastor

11. Omri Katz: from actor in Hocus Pocus and Dallas to hairdresser

12. Skandar Keynes: from star of Chronicles of Narnia to political advisor

13. Geoffrey Owens: from actor in The Cosby Show to working at Trader Joe’s

14. Angus T. Jones: from starring on Two and a Half Men to event planner for Sean “Diddy” Combs’ Tonite

15. Macaulay Culkin: from legendary child star of Home Alone to having his own podcast called Bunny Ears

16. Freddie Prinze Jr.: from full-time actor to author of a cookbook and WWE director

Are you surprised that these stars didn’t continue with their high-profile jobs even though they were so successful? Do you think that having a regular job is less stressful than being in front of lights and cameras all the time?

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