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17 Happy People Who Had Their Wishes Granted

Just imagine again the feeling from a time when your dreams came true. It could be your kid’s first laugh, adopting a pet, or getting married after 28 years. Some good things are worth the wait and only then can you truly appreciate them.

We at Bright Side know that it’s a priceless feeling when your wishes become reality and we would love to share some moments of this happiness with you.

1. “My wife lost it when our baby laughed for the first time.”

2. My dream came true today. I got to hold a sloth!

3. “My cousin has been dating the same guy for 28 years, yesterday they got married.”

4. “Won on a Scratch-It today, and immediately went to the Lottery Office.”

5. After years of struggling to get out of bed because I was pain, this morning I walked 4 km of the Great Wall.

6. “She said yes.”

7. We bought a house.

8. “I finally did it. Not even my parents supported me in doing it, but it was time!”

9. “I didn’t graduate high school, but today I got my diploma for passing my GED test.”

10. “I just got my first haircut in 6 years.”

11. “2-year progress: I’d been training off and on for 2 years (due to a lack of money for food and gas), but the last 6 months I’ve done it properly and consistently.”

12. “After 104 days of being apart, my husband is finally home and I woke up this morning to him making me pancakes. Couldn’t be happier.”

13. “This old gal was just adopted from a nearby shelter by this older couple.”

14. “My last pencil drawing of the decade, proud to end it on this note.”

15. “17 years later. Finally made it.”

16. “I built my first PC and it makes me so happy and proud.”

17. “After 4 years of wanting a dog. Please say hello to Pablo Escobark. He looks like a stuffed animal!”

What is your biggest dream? Do you consider yourself happy? Please share your moments with us of when your wishes were granted!

Preview photo credit Happyman05 / reddit