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18 “Hot Guy” Trends From the Early ’00s That Make Us Instantly Miss Them

The fashion scene in the 2000s is as wild as it is! There’s no limit to what you should wear and where you should flaunt it. Men were notorious for being trendsetters in the early aughts, and they looked uber cool and irresistible back then, until we realize that those attractions are left behind.

Bright Side decided to have a glimpse at what was considered peak hot-guy fashion and show you how times have changed, and so did our taste in crushes.

1. Gelling frosted tips into spikes

Most boy band members and surfers from the aughts seemed to ooze with attraction when they decided to dye their hair blond and gel it into spikes. The trend became so popular that it got the name “frosted tips.”

2. Wearing dark and heavy eyeliner

The feeling of punk rock and emo fashion came alive with the final touch of dark liners and makeup around guys’ eyes. The “guyliner” had girls screaming in concerts and gigs.

3. Getting attention with statement shirts

Indeed, there was not something enough said. Maybe that’s why statement shirts became a thing! Guys seemed to know how to tell their mood or personality just by their shirt, whether on the red carpet or just around the block.

4. Keeping trucker hats as an essential accessory

Trucker hats are called trucker hats for a reason. And guys managed to turn them into a part of their charm. We didn’t even question when men wore them, even at nighttime!

5. Making a statement with a fedora hat

It seemed like men organized a Frank Sinatra club when they fashioned fedora hats back in the 2000s. Surprisingly, they looked cool wearing one, really caught our attention!

6. Enjoying the bagginess of cargo pants

Cargo pants had many perks: pockets, ease of movement, an urban feel, and points from the ladies! Match them with a pair of flip-flops, and ladies would dream of walking along the beach with you — that is, if it’s still 2001.

7. Doing a double-take on denim

One denim clothing was not enough! Guys made sure that their outfit screamed denim when they showed up, and thought of it as a secret to getting girls.

8. Popping some collars

Folded collars were out of touch in the aughts. In fact, popping and upturned collars were a thing! Pair it with more layers of clothing, et voilà, you’ll have girls crushing on you in no time.

9. Layering a T-shirt over a sweater

Who would have thought that layers upon layers of clothes would be on the hot guy checklist? Some guys thought it was worth the comfort to stack a t-shirt over a long-sleeved top to flex resemblance to punk rock stars at the time.

10. Styling hair in “emo” fashion

The life of emos and the scene of fanboys would be incomplete without the iconic emo haircut. Of course, many guys assumed that it added to their charm, just like the members of punk rock and emo bands they idolize.

11. Keeping a low profile with low-rise jeans

Guys really dropped it low when they meant to wear their jeans the attractive way. Some accessorized their low-rise jeans with bandanas and studded belts. It was so trendy that they are slowly making a comeback!

12. Flexing wardrobes from tattoo-inspired brands

Ed Hardy clothing was the ultimate get-up for casual guys who were into tattoo and grunge graphic art. It definitely dominated the public scene, with celebrities rocking them with confidence.

13. Adorning jeans with wallet chains and studded belts

Heavily accessorizing one’s pants with a studded belt or even chains connected to their wallets gave an extra confidence boost to boys whenever they stride through the streets. Maybe girls will start swooning again when this trend comes back to life soon, as it does every time.

14. Seeing through tinted glasses

Frameless tinted specs paved their way as staple eyewear in sunny areas during the fun times of the early 2000s. Guys often get the ombre-colored ones, then matched the look with beaded or puka shell necklaces.

15. Flashing big blings

One small bling was never enough! Guys’ bling-bling must be as big, as shiny, and as many as possible to accurately copy the coolness of hip-hop legends. The aughts would be incomplete without these shiny rhinestones.

16. Dressing up like in prep school

Imagining you were a prep student was quite different than dressing like one! Preppy fashion was a choice for guys who wanted to look fresh and effortlessly classy.

17. Sporting a faux hawk

The spiky hair era did not end right away! It continued, leading to more versions. The faux hawk was once a go-to hairstyle for guys with short hair who wanted to sport a semi-mohawk.

18. Sticking a Band-Aid on the face

Fans of RnB hitmaker and rapper Nelly never failed to recreate the look back in 2002 where they would put a plaster or Band-aid on their cheek as Nelly did in his music videos. Guys would blast Ride Wit Me from their speakers, wear their bling, and even don tracksuits if they wanted to.

Which of these trends did you find insanely hot before? Which celebrity did you have a crush on?

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