18 People Who Decided to Undergo Plastic Surgery and Never Looked Back

For some years now, plastic surgeries have become fashionable due to the high demand for these treatments by some celebrities. However, and despite the fact that sometimes these operations can be branded as unnecessary, vain, and even shallow, there are people who resort to doing them to modify those parts of their body that, in one way or another, cause them discomfort or some kind of complex. Still, we’re not ones to judge their choices and, in fact, if they’re happy with what they did, so are we.

That’s why, today, Bright Side wants to share with you the images that some people have posted to show the impressive change and the results that plastic surgery had on their physique.

1. “Rhinoplasty and chin implant 6 weeks post-op! Got so much information from here so I wanted to share! :)”

2. “Rhinoplasty pre and post :)”

3. “Septorhinoplasty, liposuction, and chin implant 6 weeks post-op swelling progress”

4. “Chin lipo — 5 days post-op!”

5. “Before vs Almost 4 months post-septorhinoplasty”

6. “Before chin lipo vs 10 days post-op, I have a jawline now!”

7. “If you’re thinking of getting a rhinoplasty this is your sign to DO IT! Best decision. Couldn’t be happier.”

8. “Sliding genioplasty with submentalplasty and ear lobe reduction. 10mm advancement. 24 hours after surgery.”

9. “2.5 months post-op septo/rhinoplasty and lip lift”

10. “1.5-month post-op rhinoplasty: I like the profile but honestly still very swollen and numb. Bump slowly going down as well, but overall pretty happy about it.”

11. “Before and after: 10 months post-op DJS/1 month post-op rhinoplasty (same surgeon for both procedures)”

12. “3 weeks post-op Rhino/Septoplasty! What do you think? My nose still feels super swollen and big 😭”

13. “I’m about 3 months post-op, I have a lot of swelling on the tip of my nose still...”

14. “Before and afters — chin reduction, upper bleph, neck lift, under-chin lipo with Renuvion, buccal fat removal. 9 weeks post-op”

15. “5 months post-op now! (Rhinoplasty). I feel so comfortable smiling now.”

16. “Are these subtle changes worth it? (Rhinoplasty/chin implant)”

17. “8 months post-sliding genioplasty & 5 months of Invisalign + TAD”

18. “6 week update on my chin lipo! :)”

What type of plastic surgery have you thought about having? What are the parts that you would like to change or have changed?

Preview photo credit anna_alabama / Reddit
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