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19 People Who Found Happiness in Their Own Skin Through Sweat and Tears

Humans’ willpower can move mountains. From courageously taking hormones to change their gender to working hard to lose the equivalent of an entire person in weight — some people know just what to do to find complete happiness and accomplish it with incredible mastery.

We at Bright Side always want to give praise to these people who had the willpower to take control of their lives. And maybe they can inspire more men and women to follow their path.

1. “I’m getting Rebel Wilson vibes from that bang and pony combo, and I’m loving it!”

2. “Biggest weight loss I’ve ever seen”

3. “My brother’s 10-year trans-formation”

4. “At a healthy weight for the first time as an adult, and now it’s time to build muscle!”

5. “Can’t believe I was in there the whole time.”

6. “This is the best I’ve felt since college days.”

7. “This is the same person? WOW!”

8. “You look happy, healthy, and like you’re doing exactly what’s right for you!”

9. “I went from wearing a size 7 XL T-shirt to wearing small and medium.”

10. “Estrogen saved my life.”

11. “Losing weight and finding myself”

12. “She made a commitment to herself and kept it.”

13. “This is what 365 days of hormones look like.”

14. “I’m really proud of myself.”

15. “A beautiful woman! It’s lovely to see such self-love.”

16. “You look great! What an achievement!”

17. “It’s crazy, I don’t realize how much weight I’ve lost until I look at side-by-side pics.”

18. “I only recognize you because of the eyebrow.”

19. “You lost an entire person in weight. That’s amazing!”

What’s the hardest yet proudest thing you’ve ever been through?

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