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20 Babies That Look Like They Discovered Reverse Time Travel

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I genuinely enjoy a lot of the things shared on this website. But the lack of writing skills steers me away more and more lately.

“We at Bright Side weren’t able to resist not sharing them with all of you.”

This statement would mean you WOULDN’T share them. The statement should have said, “We at Bright Side weren’t able to resist sharing them with you.” By adding the word “not,” you said the complete opposite of what you meant.

Even my corrected version of the sentence still has comma errors, but I’m not even going to attempt to cover that in today’s lesson when the writer doesn’t understand double negatives. Out of curiosity, are the people who write these articles compensated in any way? Or do they write them simply because they enjoy it? I’m not a fan of correcting every person who makes grammatical errors, but when you’re writing for a large audience, you should have knowledge of basic grammar. Or either have your piece proofread by someone who does. ??‍♀️
hard, hard like!!!!